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SRB Costruzioni S.r.l. is an engineering company, specializing since 1989 in civil and industrial steel construction, with the capability to satisfy any and all demands of design, production and installation.

The vast experience accumulated throughout the years in the realization of both organizational and engineering projects, has led our company to expand its horizons by entering the field of prefabricated concrete buildings.


Thanks to this entry into the prefabricated arena, SRB today is a rare and unique example of a mixed structure manufacturer (steel-concrete), capable of responding to even the most extreme manufacturing needs.


During the last few years, our Company has further expanded its product range to include the construction of turn-key structures as well as energy and Oil&Gas systems.


Thanks to its expertise, qualifications and technology, with Pro Engineer, AutoCad, Ansys e CDS by STS, SRB is able to satisfy every project request within your expected cost and delivery date requirements.


Our sandblasting and painting systems provide the finishing touch to insure our products are extremely reliable and long lasting.



The beginning of our history, some shots of the production department "Rivoli" under construction




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