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SRB COSTRUZIONI SRL :: Steel Constructions

Founded in 1989, our company began his career in the field of steel in the construction of special formwork for precast concrete.


SRB’s growth to its current size has been possible thanks to the technical design staff, expansion and construction of industrial and civil structures, sports facilities, commercial facilities, turnkey structures and mechanical precision machining.


Steel, synonymous of flexibility and versatility, allows for uses and architectural solutions that can not be achieved with other construction techniques.


Steel offers many advantages including providing adequate seismic-resistant structures. In the modern design it is possible to achieve the required level of structural performance by dissipating the seismic energy through cyclic plastic deformation of structural elements.

SRB also provides innovative technical choices in the assembly, supported by advanced equipment in accordance with modern requirements for quality and safety in line with our customer’s time constraints.


The Carpentry & Plant division covers an area of 9.300 square meters. 4.500 of which are indoor and has sandblasting and painting plants.

Ifac Inox – Castellana Grotte (BA)



Divella Spa - Rutigliano (BA)



Mattioli per Università di Catanzaro



Impresa Matarrese Spa



Vetrerie Meridionali SpA



Cementeria Costantinopoli Srl



S.P.E.L. Srl per Trenitalia – Foggia



EDIL. MER Srl – Barletta



DEC SPA GENIO DIFE - Aeroporto militare di Viterbo



Hangar privato BARI con luce trave L= 42m



Scala antincendio





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