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SRB COSTRUZIONI SRL :: Qualifications and Certifications

SRB Costruzioni S.r.l. has paid special attention to the quality of its manufacturing by acquiring a series of welding qualifications in 1997 according to European UNI EN ISO 9606, American ASME IX and FS 44S standards. These qualifications were obtained through RINA, the Italian Welding Institute, Lloyd’s Register and Dekra.
The I.I.S. internal qualified Inspectors (Italian Welding Institute) perform routine welding checks with NDT (Non Destructive Testing) visual check, liquid penetrant inspection (LPI), magnetic particle tests according to UNI ENISO 9712/LEV. 2 MT.
Our Company has achieved the certification of its productive cycle according UNI EN ISO 9001 for the EA17 and EA28 sector “Design and construction of metal carpentry and mechanical components, industrial and civil erection of metal carpentry”.
In 2013 SRB obtained the Certification of Conformity for the production that shall be submitted to check and inspection in accordance with EN 1090-1 for the “Components of steel structure”.
In 2008, the Company became certified for welding process according to ISO 3834-2 with an internal Welding Engineer through the EWF (European Welding Federation).
Moreover, SRB will design and manufacture skid installations (lube oil system, skid assembly pump for steam turbine and compressor) according to American Standards API614 and API610.
In 2016 SRB obtained the Conformity Certificate for check and inspection in workshop according to EN 15085-2 for “New construction of components for rail vehicles”.
Our prefabricated elements bear the CE marking in accordance with the standards UNI EN 13224 “Ribbed slab elements”, UNI EN 13225 “Linear Structural elements”, UNI EN 14992 “Wall elements”, UNI EN 13693 “Special elements for roofing”, UNI EN 15050 “Elements for bridge”, UNI EN 14991 “Elements for foundations”, UNI EN 15258 “Elements for bearing walls” and all materials for production shall be submitted to check and inspection in accordance with DM 14.01.2008.
SRB has achieved SOA certifications for design and construction OS 18 cl.VII, OS13 cl. V, OG1 IV bis, and OG11 cl. I certifications.
SRB works in accordance with the standard OHSAH 18001 in order to ensure Health and Safety of the workers.








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