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The vast experience gained by Adriano Rivoli SpA has allowed SRB Costruzioni Srl to continue in the field of construction of precast reinforced concrete taking advantage of not only of its structure and equipment, but most of all, the know-how and the technical design staff that has made it a leader in the concrete industry in Puglia and in southern Italy.

In the area of commercial and industrial buildings we propose different structures such as: industries and warehouses, office buildings, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, hotels and agricultural products structures with large spans and openings, optimized to respond our customers’ special needs.

Prefabricated structures are increasingly used for residential buildings thanks to these structures sound and thermal insulation systems optimized and combined with modern concepts of architecture.

In fact, the use of precast concrete offers architects and designers an almost unlimited freedom of composition.

SRB Costruzioni allows the customer to see the realization of his project from the embryonic stage. Our technical staff is concerned with designing what is requested in compliance with current regulations, without neglecting the architectural and aesthetic appearance.

From planning to manufacturing in our production plant.

Prefabrication and fast assembly on site are able to cut construction time in a half.



SRB Costruzioni Srl manufactures different types of prefabricated structures that lend themselves to different needs.

The “TITAN” is a well-established traditional system with double beam and tiles with smooth or ribbed intrados.

In contrast to TITAN is SIRIO, featuring a flat top cover with double ribbed tiles and beams with flap or intrados.

The GALAXY Midi system for structures with TT tiles on intrados beams is used with a light but durable structure. In its version GALAXY Maxi, this structural system is used in response to the needs of large spaces with big light structures with tiles with smooth or ribbed intrados.

For a structure high in aesthetic quality and technology, we offer our PEGASO system, with wing and curve headers.

PEGASO ONDA presents version of the PEGASO system without headers and overhangs of shelter along the side of structure.

The HYDRA system is used for the construction of multi-level buildings with double ribbed tiles or self-supporting reinforced concrete slabs characterized by full freedom of loading capacity and distribution.


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